A Little About Us!

We at The Community Scheme are very passionate about setting the youth of today onto the right path, and we believe one of the greatest mediums to do this is through sport.  Fundraising is paramount to all sport and that is why we work with clubs to help generate badly needed funds that in many cases has been the only reason why the club can stay open.

We take what we do very seriously and that is why we work in association with various organisations such as:
  • The National Children’s Football Alliance
  • The North Riding FA
  • The Fundraising Standards Board
We do this to make sure that you can trust us to do a good job!

Where does our money go?

With it costing an average of £10,000 to run a small junior football club, the money that we raise allows junior sports clubs all across England to keep opening their doors to children from all walks of life and let’s children do what they do best and have fun!

Because of the help of people like you, we are able to not only help clubs financially we also support them by providing them with advice and guidance on grant finding and writing, we can provide clubs with their own website so they can get their name out there, and through our magazine they can boast at just how well their children are doing, and share their journeys with other members of their community. All of this without the constant worry that my club is going to shut down or can our parents afford this! 

We do far more than just raise funds for junior football teams we bring together people from all walks of life and create real communities all thanks to people like you!

What are the benefits of being a member?

  • A Monthly Magazine jam packed full of news about your local clubs, horoscopes, news about your local area and articles from our fantastic writers!
  • Fantastic discounts for major retailers and high street brands!
  • Exclusive monthly competitions and prizes. Varying from tickets to see live bands to a mini cruise for two!
  • Access to the members lounge designed and created just for you!
  • Most importantly you will be helping struggling junior football clubs to keep opening their doors for children all across the country!

Don’t just take our word for it!

Want to know how we can help your Club?

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The Community Scheme
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0800 357 9008

General Information: mail@topdraw.info
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